Bella Balloons proudly operates & sells Lindstrand Balloons

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The brand Bella Balloons represents, Lindstrand Balloons, has been manufacturing hot air balloons since 1975. Lindstrand pioneered many technical innovations offering advanced balloon technology and a superior balloon system for all balloonists to enjoy.

Flying aboard a hot air balloon is a magical experience - drifting gently with the breeze.

With all hot air balloons, there are three main components; the basket - usually made of wicker or cane; the burners - which ignite the gas and produce the heat source - and the envelope.

The Pilot will inflate the balloon with the use of a fan and warm the cold air gently by igniting the burners. When the balloon is inflated and the passengers are aboard the balloon is ready to fly.

To ascend, the Pilot will heat the air in the balloon envelope and to descend, he will allow it to cool and gently float down to earth. Many balloon owners will fly their balloons for fun, taking family and friends on wonderful adventures offering a birds-eye view of familiar surroundings.

Bella Balloons offers complete FAA Hot Air Balloon Pilot Training from experienced professionals, and Lindstrand sales expertise to help you build your perfect, personalized hot air balloon system.  Contact us now to learn more!