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Springboro, Centerville, Beavercreek, Kettering, Blue Ash, Lebanon, Fairfield, Loveland, Hamilton and more!!

Our FUN, experienced, professional, and courteous flight team is ready to assist you with your Ohio Hot Air Ballooning plans!!!


Flying High!

Flight duration is approximately 1 hour, but please plan to remain with our crew for 3 hours for the entire process.

Bella Balloons generally fly close to the ground, usually under 1,500 feet, always adhering to FAA Regulations. At these altitudes, you’ll see the sights and sounds of life in scenic Southwest Ohio. We commonly see deer, hawks, and other animals. Your pilot will point out various sights below and descend to within inches of trees and fields, much to everyone's delight.

The pilot may decide to rise higher than 1,500 feet in order to give you an overview of the area, or to change travel direction by finding a shift in wind currents at another altitude.

You will be amazed at the excitement and curiosity generated by the passage during our Hot Air Balloon Flight. Cars often follow us to rendezvous after landing. Also, prepare your “parade wave” as people come out of their homes to yell “hi” and wait for your response!