About Us

About Bella Balloons

Mike & Mindi Gliatti founded Bella Balloons in 2007, after beginning their career in ballooning in 2004 with an Anniversary balloon ride gift.  From that point forward, they couldn't get enough hot air ballooning.  Initially working from an office in their home, Bella began as a 1 balloon operation.  In 2008, the company attracted its first commercial advertising client, a major land developer in the Cincinnati area.  Since that time, Bella Balloons grew to 5 pilots, and has operated as many as 5 balloons at a single event.  The office is now located at 211 Walnut Street, in Lebanon, Ohio.  

Always focused on safety, the Bella Team has continually concentrated its efforts to provide the highest quality, exclusive, personalized flights.  Bella Balloons has conducted thousand of flights while helping many thousands of people celebrate anniversaries, proposals, birthdays, last flights, or just life!

"Thank you for coming to our website, and please see our testimonials also available on TripAdvisor and Facebook.  We look forward to flying with you soon!  Mike & Mindi"