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Tethered Balloon Events

Tethering at 60ft!

Tethering at 60ft!

For our Passengers:

A tethered hot air balloon ride refers to when a balloon is secured to the ground by several points and allowed to rise 50-75 feet above the ground. Tethering is an excellent way to introduce a large number of people to Ohio Hot Air Ballooning.

Additionally, as you might expect, a tethered balloon attracts A LOT of attention, and is a great way to celebrate birthdays, family reunions, or special events.

For our Business Clients:

As mentioned above, a tethered balloon gets noticed in a BIG way. A tethered balloon is an outstanding means to advertise a store opening, celebrate a special event, entertain at an employee picnic, or show off your logo balloon operated by us!

Talk about ATTENTION - think about the lasting image which comes from a tethered balloon at rush hour! Contact us and we will work with you to maximize your exposure and market penetration.

General Information:

Timing is everything! Tethered balloons require very light wind speeds for safe operation- usually less than 8 mph. For this reason, Bella Balloons only schedules tethered balloons to operate in the mornings (up to 2.5 hours past sunrise) and evenings (beginning no earlier than 2 hours before sunset).

Tethered balloons require a 250 ft X 250 ft area clear of all overhead obstacles, and suitable weather conditions to ensure safe operation. A $75 site inspection is highly encouraged prior to making your reservation.

Rides usually last about 5 minutes per lift. The basket holds 1 pilot and approximately 4 passengers. For Ohio Hot Air Balloon Rides, choosing the experts at Bella Balloons for your event helps ensure a HUGE success.

Tethered Ride Pricing:

First 2 hours....................$1,795 *

Each additional hour........$595 *

*Flights are operated within 25 miles of Lebanon, Ohio. Quotations are available for distances above 25 miles.