2009 Testimonials

"Really nice and welcoming pilot and crew. Must try at lease once!"

— -Salem A, February 2017

“Thank you for making our anniversary and first hot air balloon flight an event to remember! Rob (pilot) and Holly (crew) were friendly and very passionate about flying, which made our time in the air uniquely enjoyable. In addition, we would especially like to thank Vicky for being so kind and taking our pictures throughout the evening. We wish a lot of good fortune to you and happy flying to the rest of the crew! Thanks again!"  

— Amber and Brandon H - August 2009

"Thank you again for the great flight last night and helping to make Chris's birthday a memorable one. Chris, Jenni and Brian had a great time, and have been sharing their stories ever since. The kids had a great time watching, and chasing from the car. Definitely first class the entire way! Thanks again."  

— Amy H - August 2009

"Thanks again for a great night…the Hyde Park Country Club members will be talking about their tethered balloon rides for a long time! And I should add that you and your staff are the nicest and most accommodating people I've worked with. It's obvious you love your jobs."  

— Angi N, Event Coordinator - July 2009

"We all loved the hot air balloon flight and thought your team was very professional. It was the perfect surprise 50th b-day present. Thanks again."  

— Ann W - June 2009

"My wife and I had a wonderful and memorable experience ballooning with you and your team. We had never been on a balloon ride before, but you made us feel like pros after the trip. Mike and Dan were very caring and helpful in making our trip the best it could be. We will always cherish the great flight we had and look forward to going up"

— Anonymous

"After speaking with Jared and Chandler, they loved their Ohio Hot Air Balloon Ride and thought you and your staff were very friendly. They liked the history you provided prior to the toast, they thought that was cool." 

— B Scott - November 2009

"We had a great time flying with you Sunday morning. Our experience was absolutely wonderful and definitely exceeded all expectations. The entire trip was spectacular. Bella Balloon is a friendly company which keeps you up to date on the current status of your flight. They have an excellent customer service with a first class approach. Bella Balloons definitely set the bar high. One thing is for sure we will make our flight on board with Bella again. Thank you Mike, Mindy, Natalie, the Bella Balloon crew and everyone else involved who certainly made the flight fun and unforgettable."  

— Barb M - October 2009

"Our Bella Balloons voyage was very enjoyable. Mike and his team were very professional, and the whole experience, including the champagne at the end, made for a perfect trip."  

— Barbara and Leroy S - July 2009

"The Cincinnati hot air balloon ride was awesome. It was something Doug and I have always wanted to do and we were not disappointed. The scenery was stunning and I was surprised at how peaceful it was. What a perfect way to end our vacation. If you’re in the Waynesville area and need a place to land our yard is always available. I’m sure we’ll see you again sometime. We might take our granddaughter next year for her birthday. Thanks for a lovely morning."  

— Beth and Doug B - July 2009

"Our family gathering in your large balloon was simply a spectacular occasion for all of us. We thoroughly enjoyed not only the balloon ride itself, but also your staff's great sense of humor and thorough knowledge of everything we asked about. I would absolutely recommend Bella Balloons to anyone who might be interested in one of these magnificent air ships. Thanks very much for a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Take care."  

— Bob H - October 2009

"Thank you so much for the wonderful experience in your balloon "Miss Scarlet!" Flying above the treetops was so beautiful, peaceful, and calm. And QUIET!! I enjoyed watching our shadow below follow us through the fields and farms; the scenery was fit for a postcard...Thanks again Mindi, Mike, and the rest of the "team". You made it all seem so easy!!!! We will surely be recommending this adventure to my friends and family!!" 

— Bonnie H - September 2009

"The Balloon ride was awesome!! We originally wanted an evening flight but the a.m. was breathtaking . We also didn't realize what a beautiful area we live in! I felt very safe with our pilot Rob and his crew chief Holly . It was truly a wonderful experience and a great Birthday gift for my husband . I am also glad it was just the three of us-it was so peaceful. We have emailed the pics which turned out great!"  

— Brenda M - October 2009

"I purchased a hot air balloon ride for my father’s retirement present. It was something he always wanted to do, and I wanted to share that adventure with him. I found Bella Balloons on the internet and researched the company. The reviews were great, but could not fully describe the total experience. The Bella Team is professional, respectful, and comforting for those who are a bit nervous. Our pilot took the time to thoroughly explain how the balloon would lift, fly, and then land. He also gave a history of ballooning and how champagne became a part of the experience. During the flight, our pilot answered many questions and pointed out landmarks along our journey. The Centerville Hot Air Balloon Ride itself was perfect; the temperature, the cloud cover, and the fall foliage. We had a great time. Thank you Mike for being a great host and teacher. My wife and I will be a repeat customer!"  

— Brian W - October 2009

"We did really enjoy our flight. It was a beautiful evening."

— Bryan and Rebecca H - September 2009

"It was Awesome! Ron and Team were helpful, fun, educational and made my Husband's Birthday surprise a time to remember. The experience was a blessing from God from start to finish. The weather was perfect, the view was luscious and the prayer blessing and toast were heartfelt. May you and your staff receive an abundance of joy and blessings in your life as you are touching the lives and experiences of others." 

— Camille D - October 2009

"Simply Amazing"  

— Chris J - October 2009

"Thanks so much to you and your team at Bella Balloons!!! It was great experience! What a way to make my girlfriend my fiancé! It was thrill we will remember forever! Thank you!"  

— Chris S - August 2009

"Patty and I loved the flight…in fact she is ready for another!! Your crew did exceed our expectations….what a thrill moving down the Little Miami River basin in the early morning fog!!"  

— Chris S - October 2009

"We had a great time flying with you Sunday night! The trip was spectacular and you guys were consummate professionals who certainly made the flight fun. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the pictures I took that night:"


— Chris T - August 2009

"We had an absolutely wonderful time! We would definitely recommend "Bella Balloons" to anyone interested in experiencing a hot air balloon adventure!" 

— Cyndy B - November 2009

"We had a wonderful time with you all Sunday evening. The entire crew was as nice as could be and very knowledgeable of ballooning, the area, and even the history of ballooning. The entire crew demonstrated a genuine interest in making sure that we had the best of time and was beyond accommodating in facilitating my proposal which went exceedingly well. In addition to accommodating our needs as passengers, Mike also demonstrated his consideration and friendliness to the folks who permitted us to land on their grounds. After we landed Mike posed for pictures for excited children and grandparents with the balloon. Bella Balloons issued a first class experience at a price far less than the effort they put into our good time. We'll certainly be looking forward to our next ballooning adventure! Sincerest thanks to all!" 

— Dan L and Jessi L - October 2009

"Incredibly friendly staff and a fantastic experience! Everyone should do this at least once. Thanks Mike, Dave, and Stephanie-one of my favorite experiences and I will remember it the rest of my life."  

— Dan R - June 2009

"My family had a wonderful Bella flight! The evening was beautiful and crew was informative and fun. We think everyone needs to experience a Bella Balloon for their Ohio Hot Air Balloon Ride."  

— Donna B - October 2009

"Thank You! Thank You! Your enthusiasm and love of ballooning made my flight the experience of a lifetime. My family made my Dayton Hot Air Balloon ride possible. You made it fantastic! Keep flying, Mike! It suits you. And your passengers feel your passion and confidence."  

— Dotty M - August 2009

"Bella is first class all the way. The crew was extremely friendly and professional. We highly recommend this company for anyone considering the ballooning experience."  

— Doug and Shontyl Shupps - August 2009

"My husband and I have been dreaming of flying in a hot air balloon for years and were more excited than words can express to finally get the opportunity to fly this past weekend. The scenery was beautiful, the experience exciting, but the company of those from Bella balloons was what made it a worthwhile experience. My husband and I both appreciated the professionalism and enthusiasm by all the crew for ballooning. Thank you for the experience, we cannot wait to come back for a morning flight." 

— Frescia and Jason Poth - August 2009

"My 3 daughters and I had a great time on our Bella Balloon flight. The flight was so beautiful and peaceful that it is hard to put into words. It was like an out of body experience. Thanks to Mike and the Bella Balloon Team for making this such a memorable event. Now my wife and son want to do it!"  

— Geoff G - July 2009

"Awesome experience. It was our first balloon ride, but it won¥'t be our last. Ron was a great pilot, and really made it a great experience. We hope to bring our son and daughter-in-law next time." 

— George Baker - August 2009

"We loved our Dayton Ohio Hot Air Balloon Ride with Bella Balloons. The staff was extremely friendly and attentive, and our pilot Mike made us feel completely comfortable and relaxed. I strongly recommend Bella to anyone considering their first balloon flight. They are consummate professionals and I am definitely planning on flying with them again. Great, great fun!" 

— Jamie B, - September 2009

"Thank you to Bella Balloons, Mike, Mindi, Brian, Stella and the rest of the Bella team for making our hot air ballooning experience wonderful. From the day I called to the champagne toast everyone was very kind and professional. Hot Air Balloon flying with Bella Balloons is a moment not to be forgotten. Thank you for great piloting and beautiful scenery and making it special."  

— Jenny W - June 2009

"It was a great experience to see the sights from a Cincinnati Hot Air Balloon Ride so far up. Mike was very informative about the balloon and how it worked. Thanks again!"  

— Karen J, - August 2009

"I don't think it could have gone better! You and Dave were very reassuring and professional. It was a definite success and we will be returning! Thanks!"  

— Kayla W - July 2009

"Thanks for making our first balloon experience such an enjoyable one. Ryan and I had a great time and look forward to doing it again. Maybe we can convince Vickie and Erin to join us the next time. Thanks Again." 

— Ken F

"Thank you all at Bella for making our trip an incredible experience. We enjoyed everything from the take-off to the special treat after we landed. The views were wonderful and it was quite a thrill to go on a windy ride! Thanks for your stories and your great piloting skills. We would recommend anyone to sign on with Bella for a night."  

— Kenny M - June 2009

"Thanks again for such a wonderful adventure….“For those that enjoy nature’s beauty, this is an awesome way to experience it! The fall foliage was amazing and flying just above it all, allowed us to experience all the sights, smells and sounds along the way. This is a great addition to your bucket list!"  

— Kurt and Cindy S - October 2009

"Al & I haven't stopped raving about our Cincinnati Hot Air Balloon ride in Miss Scarlet. The balloon ride was in celebration of our 50th Anniversary and what a ride it was. The weather was great, the thrill of the ride was everything I had anticipated. We really enjoyed everyone involved with this experience - Mike, Mindi, Natalie, Ron (our pilot), Don, and the chase crews. Thanks for a great time."  

— Lois C - October 2009

“Bella Balloon is a friendly company which keeps you-up-to date on the current status of your flight. They have an excellent customer service with a first class approach. I would like to say thank you to Mike, Mindi and the Bella Balloon’s crew for making my dream proposal come true.”  

— Louella and Mitchell P - August 2009

"The flight was wonderful! The crew was very professional, and the experience was breathtaking. We had such a wonderful time that we can't wait to do it again! Maybe next time we'll try an evening flight, but the morning cruise sure was beautiful." 

— Mark and Lori C - October 2009

"It was fantastic! And absolutely exceeded our expectations! Your enthusiasm for the sport and concern for our enjoyment was evident, and turned a life-long dream into a life-long memory. Thanks again!"  

— Mark B

"Our Cincinnati Hot Air Balloon Ride on Sunday night to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary was spectacular. Ron did a super job showing us all the sights on the flight, especially the sky divers. It certainly met all our expectations and we will highly recommend the experience."  

— Martha and Bill I - October 2009

"Alec and I had a blast!! A memorable experience that we will treasure for a lifetime!! You were professional and courteous. Thanks for a great ride!"  

— Matt and Alec H - November 2009

"I just wanted to thank you and Adam for a wonderful morning flight aboard the Scarlet balloon. It was my first time in a hot air balloon and it won't be my last! Your teamwork with Adam and your piloting skills were incredible. The whole experience was pleasant and memorable and I would recommend Bella balloons to anyone considering a hot air balloon ride. Thanks again!"  

— Matt P - June 2009

"We had a wonderful time! The balloon ride was so calm and relaxing, it was like a "spa treatment" in the clouds. We both felt renewed in our mind, body and spirit. We have already recommended it to anyone we tell about the experience and look forward to doing it again ourselves! Thanks for a wonderful ride!"  

— Mel and Ron H - August 2009

“Our experience was absolutely wonderful and definitely exceeded all expectations!! Mike and the rest of the Bella Balloons team greatly helped to keep our flight a secret from my husband and step-son since the flight was a surprise gift for them. They made the entire process and trip unforgettable. With this being the first Ohio Hot Air Balloon ride for all three of us, Bella Balloons definitely set the bar high for any future hot air balloon rides we may take with any other companies. One thing’s for sure though, whenever we do decide to take another ride we will try our very best to make our way back up to Ohio to hop on board with Bella again!! Thanks Mike and everyone else involved!"

— Melissa G - July 2009

"I just wanted to thank everyone at Bella Balloons for an amazing adventure! Everything from helping to inflate the balloon, lift off, dipping down into trees, and the landing toast was a blast! Mike and his team were very friendly and knowledgeable. Even though this was just my first flight, I'm positive it won't be my last. Thanks for helping make my birthday one of the best I've had! Thanks again for everything!"  

— Melissa L - June 2009

"I can say without hesitation that you are a great organizer and a very friendly and useful person to help the customer. You made everything easy. As to the flight, we all enjoyed it immensely. I was very impressed with the landing. And RonStar is a very patient captain. He pleasantly answered all our inane questions, kept us safe, kept us laughing, and worked hard – and succeeded - to make the flight especially enjoyable. All in all, a very impressive crew."  

— Mike M - June 2009

"We want you and your Bella Balloons Hot Air Balloon Team to know what a great time we had on our flight. What started as a simple anniversary gift grew to a family adventure with my wife, daughter and in-laws. You made this one of the most exciting events of our lives and we will remember it always. I wasn't sure everyone would enjoy it as there were hip replacement and age issues (along with some "afraid of heights" issues, I might add). The professionalism of your crew and all that you did to make us feel at ease really made this a once in a lifetime event. On second thought, that's not true...my daughter has already begun saving for her next flight. We wish you all the best, and I'm hoping to be back soon! Cheers!"  

— Paul and Jill S - July 2009

"We had a wonderful time yesterday, our first Grand Ascension. It was your enthusiasm, love of ballooning, sincerity, competence, and genuine concern for how we were doing through the entire experience that made the day so memorable. We look forward to a sundown experience with you in the future. Thank you."  

— Randy T and Alice B - October 2009

"We enjoyed every second. The ride was more than we expected. The crew was great!  Thanks for everything!"  

— Rob and Lorie - October 2009

"It was indeed very enjoyable ride, we had. I would definitely recommend you guys to our friends. In fact we already spoke about you to few friends. We will send the Photos across that my daughter took. You have a great team of people."  

— Sarah H - October 2009

"Thank you so much for the surprise for my parents' anniversary. The looks on their faces were priceless. This was actually the last thing in the world my mom ever wanted to do, but we knew she would go and dad always wanted to do it. The weather was perfect and temp not bad at all. After they landed she couldn’t believe how awesome it was. They both loved it and talked about how peaceful it was up in the sky floating over town. Thanks again for the great experience. The crew was super nice and helpful. Thanks!"  

— Stephanie and Dave - October 2009

"We had a tremendous experience with you and your team! You all made our hot flight extremely enjoyable and a lot of fun! We have made memories that will last a lifetime!"  

— Susan G - July 2009

"The entire event from beginning to the regretted ending, far exceeded my expectations. Your kindness with answering all my questions, from the first phone call to all of the questions on the event was so very much appreciated. I always felt safe and secure. My worries about getting in and out of the basket were put to rest with our first interaction. The respect and understanding you and your team expressed was felt from the heart. Bella Balloons are a very professional group of people. I am telling everyone I meet about my joyful experience and showing them the pictures. Many Blessings to you all." 

— Teresa W - August 2009

"Wooo-hoooo!! What a great experience!! From take off to landing, it's something you will never forget! We would definitely recommend Bella Balloons and its great group of people!"  

— The W Family - October 2009

"Tom and I had a wonderful time on our Dayton Ohio Hot Air Balloon Ride. I was a bit concerned when I saw that the other couples were 10 years plus younger than us and thought maybe our dream of doing this was being done a bit too late in our lives, but I must say the take off and landing could not have been any smoother and the ride was absolutely spectacular seeing the beautiful sunrise, the gorgeous fall colors everywhere and Tom, being a bow hunter, just loved the wild life. He told me he spotted eight deer. Our champagne and orange juice toast just topped off a wonderful experience. Thank you again." 

— Tom and Reva B - October 2009

"We had so much fun and I could not have asked for a better pilot!!! Thanks again for all the memories I now have : )" 

— Treva E - September 2009

"This was the first time we had been on a hot air balloon, and we truly had a fantastic experience. Everything went very super-smoothly, the crew was a lot of fun and went to great extents to make sure our whole experience was worth remembering. We highly recommend Bella Balloons." 

— Vinit Murthy & Priya

"Flying Bella was an experience of a lifetime!!! Mike (our pilot) and Dave (the chaser) were courteous and made this adventure as awesome as it could be. I would recommend Bella Balloons to anyone interested in taking to the skies!!!! Thanks Bella!!!!"  

— William H - August 2009