2010 Testimonials

"Our flight with Bella Balloons was the perfect surprise birthday gift for my husband!  We had such a great time, and the entire crew made our flight very memorable.  Especially enjoyed the champagne toast once we landed!"  

— Alison S - November 2010

"We had a wonderful time on Sunday night. We were very excited to ride in "Miss Scarlet" as we're both OSU grads, and met through the OSU alumni association. Not only are the colors scarlet & grey close to our hearts, but we couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate our anniversary! Our captain, Ron, was a blast and we look forward to visiting him as he participates in balloon glows in coming months.  We'd recommend Bella Balloons to anyone looking to have a great experience in a great part of town! Thanks again for the great time!"  

— Allison B. - July 2010

"We had an absolutely fabulous time on our balloon ride. I can honestly say that it exceeded my expectations. I am looking forward to another balloon flight hopefully in the fall." 

— Allison L. - June 2010

"I have been wanting to go on a hot-air balloon ride for years, and my husband surprised me with a flight from Bella Balloons. The evening was perfect, even surpassing my dreams! From the moment we were greeted by Mike to the champagne toast, we were treated to a very professional, safe and fun experience. Mike and his crew all displayed knowledge, experience, and a passion for ballooning that is contagious. Thanks Bella Balloons!"

— Amy G - May 2010

"This was such an awesome way to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary.  Can’t wait to do it again!" 

— Andrea and Thomas K. - August 2010

"We had a wonderful time, even though I am terrified of heights. Thanks to you I was able to enjoy myself and relax! Oh, and by the way, what was the name of the delicious champaigne we had at the end of our flight, I would love to purchase a bottle!  Thanks so much," 

— Angie S. & Scott P. - August 2010

"THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart Mike and Ron for making this day and experience work for my friend and I.  This experience was so very important in celebrating the life of our friend, and you guys went above and beyond to make it work and make it happen, despite the weather.  You guys are truly, truly wonderful! Thank you again!"  

— Ayasha R - September 2010

"The flight was a fantastic experience. Bella balloons provided wonderful  customer service and a great flight."  

— Barak S. - June 2010

"Thank you, we had a terrific time and will do it again. Your team is very fun and professional. We will also highly recommend you to our friends.  Thank you for a great time. If you find a lens cap to a camera in your basket it's mine I think I lost it during the landing. Thanks again,"  

— Barb H. - June 2010

“Sherri and I were extremely pleased by Bella and the professionalism and safety that were presented.  From beginning to end the entire experience was great, and everyone was friendly and well knowledged.  I personally have already told everyone I have spoke to about Bella and getting a flight soon!  Thank you and the Bella Team for a great experience.”    

— Bill C - October 2010

"I'm petrified of heights and was quite nervous about this adventure, but I took one for the team for my wifes birthday. As it turns out, it was much easier than I thought and the crew was awesome. They made the experience really enjoyable. We had perfect weather, and an awesome flight. We could not have asked for a better experience. If you have not taken a balloon flight before, I highly recommend it, especially with Bella and don't worry about a fear of heights, you can always kneel down and cling to the basket like I did!" 

— Bob and Donna - September 2010

"My husband, Mike, and I just returned from our first flight this morning. WOW!WOW!WOW!  I'm sure from our conversations prior to the flight, Mindi, that you could tell I was very excited about this whole adventure.  I worried that I was getting myself psyched up for a bit of a let down, as that often happens when I look so forward to something.  But that was not the case today.  From the first contact we had Bella Balloons was wonderful!!  Ron and Kerry were very professional, and a joy to get to know.  They were both quite personable and comfortable to be around, which is a key factor for me in how much I could relax and be confident in knowing we were in good hands.  I could go on and on, but the short of it is that I am eternally grateful to you for helping us celebrate two important occasions.  I will recommend you to as many people as I can. Thank you again for making a dream come true."

— Bobbie S - October 2010

“The balloon flight was awesome!  I would highly recommend Bella Balloons to anyone who wants to experience the quiet beauty of floating on the wind.  Thanks for taking such good care of us.”  

— Brenda H - October 2010

“Let me tell you, I have a little fear of heights, but you couldn't tell it from our flight.  It was outrageous fun and I recommend it to everyone.  Crew chief and Pilot, Brian and Ron were courteous and fun, as well as informative.  Thanks again for a great 30th.  Sincerely,”  

— Brendan and Mary O - October 2010

"We just posted your video and our photos on FB!! Thank you so much again, Mike.  I mean it when I say you and Brian were absolutely wonderful. We enjoyed every minute, and you really went out of your way to make it special for us.  It's something we won't forget.  We may yet try to get you to do a flyover for our wedding. :-)"  

— Brian H - December 2010

"My father and I had a GREAT time Sunday! :) The staff is amazing including yourself... " 

— Brook T - May 2010

"Not only was it the perfect day but from start to finish you guys made the entire experience  exciting, fun, unique & professional. The woman (Mindi) I spoke to on the phone did a great job describing the adventure and had me captivated and excited before the trip began. As a business owner myself I thought “now that’s the kind of person you want answering the phone and talking to potential clients”. She was great! Mike, you too did a great job making our first balloon flight perfect. Even the landing, although sideways was something Julie and I will always remember and talk about for years. This was a great way to commemorate our 15 year wedding anniversary. We hope to see you at the Balloonfest in Middletown."

— Bryan and Julie C. - June 2010

"The experience far exceeded our expectations. Our Ohio Hot Air Balloon Ride with Bella Balloons was amazing and the entire process was truly top notch.  From the first phone call with Mike to the touch down at the end of the ride with Ron G & Kerry (Crew) and the champagne toast, Bella Balloons did it right! I'd highly recommend Bella Balloons to anyone, and we plan on flying with again with them!"  

— Candice P - November 2010

"In May, Bella Balloons presented "Balloon School" to our homeschool group.  They were fabulous to work with; professional in every detail.  Team Bella communicated their knowledge and experience of hot air ballooning in such an engaging way that the event was incredibly fun for the children and equally the adults. Their enthusiasm for hot air ballooning is definitely contagious.
Thanks for the adventure"

— CHEC Lebanon Home-educators (Melita B.) - May 2010

"Thanks, Mike and Rob.   We had a wonderful time.  I've attached a couple of pictures of Miss Scarlet from the Bella Vista.  I thought you might want to forward them to the "happy couple" as a memento of when they said "I do".  Thanks again!" 

— Cindy E. - August 2010


— Cindy S - October 2010

"Thanks for the balloon ride. Our (4) children bought the ride for us for our 25th wedding anniversary. It was definitely enjoyable.  Our pilot did an awesome job and pointing out sights and providing us with facts and interesting things about the balloons.  Thanks again."

— Coleen V. - July 2010

"The scheduling was painless, and the follow-up was quick and thorough- the flight itself was fun and relaxing- the landing was impressive and easy, and the 'wrap-up' was meaningful. Most importantly, I felt like I was an active and important participant in the experience, not just along for a ride. Thank you- I will certainly recommend your company to anyone I can."  

— Corey B. - July 2010

"Bella Balloons is a class act, beginning with the initial phone call and continuing all of the way through to the final toast! 

— Cynthia S - May 2010

"We had a wonderful time flying with you.  You exceeded our expectations. We're ready to do it again." 

— Dave and Nancy S - September 2010

"My balloon ride was a 70th birthday gift to myself.  I wanted it to be a spectacular gift and it certainly was.  It was even more spectacular sharing it with my 11 year old grandson who thought it was "awesome" Thank you," 

— Deanna M. - August 2010

"This balloon ride was a wedding anniversary gift to my husband.  The ride was AWESOME, REFRESHING & AMAZING! The crew were wonderful in providing this enjoyable ride and explaining the balloon procedure and history.  We have highly recommended Bella Balloons to our friends and family and plan to schedule another trip in the future. THANK YOU BELLA BALLOONS!!!!"  

— Debbie and Ted H - October 2010

"It was a great day at Valley Vineyards! We would love to have you come out again some Saturday. I think everyone loved the Tether experience! Thank you and your gang for us. We truly appreciate you being a part of our 40th anniversary celebration!" 

— Dodie S - June 2010

“Our flight was fantastic and would do it again in a minute - our team(Ron and Kerry) were very helpful and professional in welcoming us as well as making us feel very comfortable.  Thank you - Thank you  We do want to fly again soon.  My sister and a friend want to go very soon.  In fact my sister would go this Wed. if there are flights available in the am.  Our schedules are difficult to coordinate however.”  

— Don and Karen M - October 2010

“Loved the ride - now I want to go on a morning ride also.”    

— Galen - October 2010

"Mike and his team at Bella were very professional but it was their personal touch that helped make our maiden voyage and engagement even more memorable. Thanks again!" 

— Helios Y. - July 2010

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful flight. I'm glad that you were part of such an important event in my life, we will never forget you!  I could not have imagined a more perfect proposal! Thank you for being a part of that magical moment! Thank you,"  

— Jacob B.  and Michelle W. - July 2010

"I decided to surprise my wife with a hot air balloon ride from Bella. The experience couldn't have been better! The view was phenomenal, and our guide was both knowledgeable and friendly. My wife said it was her best birthday ever!"

— Jai V - May 2010

"Both Terri and I had a wonderful experience. This was a perfect 27 year wedding anniversary gift!  You and Renee' made this experience quite a memorable one which we will never forget.  There is always room for improvement but frankly, I can't think of anything you can improve (maybe a glass bottom basket -- just kidding LOL ;D).  This is a first class operation with first class nice people.  I definitely will be recommending this experience to people I know looking for a special experience. Best of Luck to you, your family, and your great organization."  

— Jarvis and Terri H. - July 2010

"My father and I had a fantastic ride with Bella Balloons.  My wife had found out two days before our flight that my 75 year old father had always dreamed of taking a balloon ride. We were only in town for a few days. The reservations and arrangements were easy. We were assured that despite my father's limitations, he could live out his dream. The flight was exceptional! Mike and Brian made this a life time experience for my father and I. Thank you so much." 

— Jeff F - November 2010

“Thank you so much for helping us give my grandma a wonderful birthday present. She enjoyed it very much as did Jesse and I. We will definitely fly again.”    

— Jen W - October 2010

"I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.  From watching the preparation to fly - to the beautiful "floating" sensation up above, plus the wonderful views - to the landing.  My entire family came also, and chased after the chase car, and they too enjoyed that part of it.  But now a lot of my family are planning to someday take their ride in the hot air balloon.   Your company did everything to make it a most memorable time for me.  I would recommend Bella Balloons to anyone that seems interested in taking a ride.  Thank you again."  

— Joan R. - July 2016

"Mike, what a great night and lots of fun splashing and dashing....was a clear highlight!  Our thanks to you and Dave for making it so pleasant!" 

— John and Sheila H. - June 2010

"We both enjoyed our excursion quite a bit.  It was an experience I'll never forget and hope to do again some day.  It is intriguing to be part of that "less than 1%" of the population :-).”  

— John and Sheryl B. - July 2010

"Julia and I experienced the flight of a lifetime. Absolutely a wonderful thrill; first flights for both of us.  Can't wait to fly again - a must do on everyone's bucket list!" 

— Julie and Lewis S. - July 2016

"All details of the trip were finely executed. Mike and Dan were a great crew—professional and personable. The experience was truly memorable!" 

— Karen B - September 2010

“Great idea!  It was our family’s first hot air balloon ride so many of us were apprehensive.  Bella Balloons were so professional and calming, that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, without anxiety! Thanks!  I will share my facebook photos with you as well!”  

— Kathleen N - October 2010

"Bella Team -We had a great time on our flight last Sunday. Rob was a wonderful pilot and the weather was just perfect. Me and my parents have always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon, and my son really got a kick out of the whole experience. Thanks again,"  

— Kim S - September 2010

"From the time I called, everyone I spoke to was very friendly. They helped me plan a great proposal. The Bella team was very friendly. They provided me with numerous updates, since weather was iffy on the day of our flight. They kept me updated on the flight status whenever they got new information. Overall: Great experience, perfect proposal, very friendly. I would highly recommend Bella to anyone looking for a great Ballooning experience."

— Kushal P - April 2010

"Thank you for the wonderful hot air balloon ride this Saturday! It was a great Birthday surprise and a wish come true, to be able to go on a balloon ride like this. The whole family really enjoyed it and we are telling everyone what a fun experience this was.     

I did find all the history and the stories about hot air balloon riding very interesting. The story behind the glass of champagne is very cute! When we stood and celebrated the successful ride there was a great “cheers” that was being said, that apparently goes back far back in time. I’d love to get the words for it and was wondering if you could email it to me? I could then include it with my certificate and the photos in our family album that we have. Thanks again."  

— Lena and Hans S - September 2010

“A fantastic celebration for a 50th wedding anniversary.  Beautiful sunrise, lots of wildlife -even a bald eagle…AWESOME!  Lost my cell phone while helping with balloon at landing sight, Bella representatives found my phone and drove it to me-most professional!   Thanks. Very Respectfully,”  

— Lewis S - October 2010

"Mike and Brian,  we had a wonderful morning balloon ride! It surpassed our expectations!"    

— Linda, Damon and Neil I. - September 2010

"Brian and I journeyed with Rob on the Miss Scarlet Friday evening, June 18, 2010.  It was an awesome, life-changing experience.  Life can bring us many hurdles that we must choose whether we want to jump over or not.  Six months ago this would have been something that I would have been scared to death to do and would not have gone through with the experience.  At the age of 42, I have decided that it’s ok to be afraid and to take the next step by jumping over those hurdles and transforming them into great life experiences.  Our balloon journey is at the top of our list for transforming the hurdles into awesome life experiences.  Our pilot, Rob, and the entire crew were professional, fun and a joy to work with.  It was like being with good friends.  Thanks for the great life experience!"  

— Lisa & Brian P. - June 2010

"We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in high fashion Ballooning with Bella Balloons. We had an extraordinary experience on a crisp Ohio Spring morning. The crew's knowledge immediately put us at ease. The wonderful landscape is something everyone should view from the air. We highly recommend Bella Balloons and will be returning for another Ballooning adventure!"

— Mariah & Byron E - May 2010

“Thank you for giving my mother the trip of a lifetime!!  We all had a wonderful flight and enjoyed the fall colors as well as the deer, llama, geese, cows, horses and children with dogs we saw.”     

— Marilyn F - October 2010

"It was an amazing experience just floating thru the sky. We would highly recommend it.  Thanks again for the flight. It was really a good time and sparked interest in hot air balloons. Of course time would never allow but we know where to come if we decide to do it again. Take care and be safe. Thanks again."  

— Mark and Marian H. - June 2010

"Mike and Dave, Thank you so much for the most wonderful experience.  It truly was the best birthday gift I had ever received and the only good thing about turning 50!  Mike and I, and Raleigh, enjoyed the trip immensely and we appreciated your professional conduct with our safety coming first.  We were thrilled the moment we took off through ending with the toast.  I wouldn’t change a thing about the trip. I have already spread the word about your company and hope to plan an additional trip with some of my family in the near future.  Even those that did not take the trip but did the chase enjoyed the experience also. Many thanks!"  

— Mary Ann G. - July 2010

"We loved the flight.  It was so amazing I am actually considering taking flight lessons to investigate getting a license.  Thank you."  

— Matt and Joni C. - July 2010

“This was my first hot air balloon ride and thanks to the wonderful experience I had with Bella Balloon Company, I will definitely ride again in the spring.  Thank you for such a smooth take off, journey over the suburbs and perfect landing.”  

— Maureen F - October 2010

“What makes a great trip? Great weather, fantastic equipment, super crew, and good friends, we had it all, would pick your team again in a heartbeat, Thanks for a great evening.”  

— MH - September 2010

"What makes a great trip? Great weather, fantistic equipment,supper crew, and good friends, we had it all, would pick your team agaim in a heart beat, Thanks for a great evening."  

— MH - September 2010

“We truly enjoyed our balloon flight.  It made for an unforgettable birthday celebration for Mike - we are considering doing this more often to celebrate life in general.  It made us think about how insignificant we seem from that far away, and yet, even as a little dot in the world, God gives all of us little dots, all we need to make a huge difference in the world nonetheless...Thanks for putting your amazing balloon piloting skills to work for us and giving us a safe flight!”    

— Mike & Eileen T - October 2010

"We recently celebrated our anniversary by taking some of our family on a Bella Balloon flight.  Our crew (Mike and Dave) made this a memorable experience. They were professional, polite, witty and extremely skilled.  They couldn't have done more to make the flight one we will remember for years."  

— Mike and Irene B - September 2010

"A balloon ride has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember!  Never in a million years did I think I would actually be able to experience my dream but my WONDERFUL husband somehow pulled off a surprise balloon ride for my 30th Birthday!  From the time we took off till the time we landed I don’t think I stopped smiling!  It was a great experience and made my 30th Birthday one that I will NEVER  forget!! My balloon ride definitely exceeded my expectations.   Thanks so much!"

— Pam R. - June 2010

"I would like everyone to know at Bella Balloons what a terrific experience we had on 10-29-10. It was my wife's birthday and your team made it a memorable one. We hope to see all of you on another flight soon. Thanks so much." 

— Pat & Colleen M - October 2010

"I had the best day ever June 10,2010.  Mike and his crew team are the best most obliging professionals I ever met! I was Never afraid! I felt like I was floating on a cloud."  

— Peggy T. - June 2010

"Thanks Mike.  Ben and I had a fantastic time!  It was an absolutely wonderful experience and we will certainly love to do it again with Bella Balloons!"  

— Rachel A. - June 2010

“Our recent trip in one of your balloons was perfect. Your crew was top notch! I found it enjoyable to partake in the setup and disassembly of the balloon. We hope to encourage our friends and family to schedule a trip with you and hopefully we’ll have another reason to balloon with you again!  Thanks,”   

— Ryan C - October 2010

"My daughter and I really enjoyed our flight.  I'm a little scared of heights but once we left the ground I was amazed at the floating sensation and scenery.  Ron was an excellent pilot and made our flight fun.  I would highly recommend to anyone and would consider taking another flight.  I wish we would have thought to exchange pictures with other balloon that night but we got some great pictures. Thanks,"  

— Sheila & Katie W. - July 2010

“Bella Balloons offers a stunning and serene view of the city that just cannot be seen in one’s day to day routine. The crew was polite and informative and the ride was full of adventure and romance. I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to escape the ordinary.”  

— Sian B. - June 2010

"Paul and I had a wonderful time.  The balloon ride was fantastic!  It's an experience that I will never forget, and also it was the perfect place for Paul to propose.  The champagne toast at the end was a perfect ending to a fabulous ride, I can't wait to do it again!  Thanks again,"  

— Stephanie A. and Paul V. - July 2010

"WOW! What a wonderful experience. You made us feel as though we were long time friends. We wouldn't think of going up with anyone else other than Bella. Thanks for the great ride, see ya next time."    

— Steve & Kathy - September 2010

“My dad had an INCREDIBLE time with your team!  I have never heard him so excited.  Thanks so much for making this the trip of a lifetime for him!  He's already telling all his buddies to book with you.  I really appreciate the extra attention you gave him.  Your team was wonderful!  Thanks again and good luck with your future endeavors.”  

— Tammy - September 2010

"My dad had an INCREDIBLE time with your team! I have never heard him so excited. Thanks so much for making this the trip of a lifetime for him! He's already telling all his buddies to book with you. I really appreciate the extra attention you gave him. Your team was wonderful! Thanks again and good luck with your future endeavors."   

— Tammy C. - September 2010

“My husband and I had a lovely evening Beavercreek Hot Air Balloon Ride on October 10. Mike, Dave and everyone at Bella Balloons were very professional and great to work with. Thanks for a great and unforgettable experience!”    

— The Robinson's - October 2010

“We had a fantastic experience.  The weather, flight and crew were wonderful.  We have already recommended you to a lot of friends and family!”           

— The Tatman's  - October 2010

"Our flight was a great experience that we highly recommend. Schedule yours today and get it crossed off of your bucket list! I would also like to say that the aeronaut, Ron Terranova, was great! He was professional, yet very friendly. We felt at ease both in the flight and in conversation. We enjoyed every moment on Miss Scarlet and will treasure the memories (and photos) forever! Thanks again!"  

— Tim and Angie S. - June 2010

"We had an awesome experience last night. You and Dan did everything possible to make sure we had an awesome experience. The quality and professionalism of whole experience was 1st class. Thanks for helping provide a wonderful surprise anniversary gift to my wife!" 

— Tim M - May 2010

"I was looking to organize a hot air balloon ride and marriage proposal for my girlfriend’s birthday – Bella Balloons was more than willing to accommodate. And that’s the last time you’ll hear me refer to them by their company name, because Mike and his crew are more than a hot air balloon ride company. They’re a group of outstanding people who are passionate about their job. People who will feel like friends of yours by the time your trip ends. If you want to be in good company and able hands while you’re 1,000 ft high in a wicker basket, you won’t find any finer individuals than Mike Gliatti and his skilled and friendly chase team. You’ll be immersed in their clear commitment to quality and service from start to finish – the instruction, the ride, and the champagne toast! We were well cared for, 100% accommodated, and wildly entertained. Thank you Mike, Dan and Debbie for a perfect ride and a perfect proposal!" 

— Zac and Nicole - May 2010