2013 Testimonials

"Thanks for helping to make our evening so memorable!" 

— Arica D. and Brandon T. - May 2013

"My husband surprised me with a hot air balloon ride for our anniversary! I had always wanted to take one and he was thoughtful enough to buy a gift certificate for me. What a wonderful time we had on our 1st balloon ride. I am hoping we can come back for another ride in the future. Ron (pilot) and Kerry (crew) were very nice and made us immediately feel welcomed. Would highly recommend Bella Balloons!" 

— Carrie and David M. - February 2013

"Great Ride. Thanks to all at Bella!"

— Cern and Alessandra B. - July 2013

“This was my first time to go ballooning, but it was wonderful. I would not hesitate to do it again. Thanks Ron, you were great.” 

— Dean N - September 2013

"Up, Up and away in that beautiful balloon! We had a great time. Thanks Mike."

— Gary D - August 2013

"We absolutely loved our balloon flight! There was nothing that would have been in your control that could have been done better.  I had no idea there would be another balloon to watch - that was really cool! We loved our balloon, the pilot, the chaser, the other people, the post-flight toast, the history, the certificates, the flutes...not sure if I am forgetting anything!  Thanks!"

— Heather - August 2013

"Thank you all SO much for a terrific balloon ride and all of the thought and planning that went into my boyfriend's proposal! It was such a beautiful and memorable experience, I really can't thank you enough! Thank you again" 

— Kathi & Ryan F. - July 2013

"Thanks again for the ride and the wonderful experience."

— Laura H. - June 2013

“My husband and I started checking items off our bucket list with a Bella Balloon experience-that was awesome. The team members went out of their way to make arrangements for takeoff near our home in Oxford. We felt confident in our pilot's capabilities and concerns for safety when we finally went up in August. His explanations about flight process and balloon travel history were appreciated along the way. He even took photos of us in the air and emailed copies to us soon after the trip. We definitely recommend Bella Balloons for great, safe fun and a very memorable experience!"

— Martha and Jim S - September 2013

"Thank you Bella Balloons! We had an amazing experience!!! Can't thank you enough for everything, especially to our pilot Ron and our crew Kerry, You guys were great!" 

— Matt C. and Victoria P. - May 2013

"Wonderful and Thank You!" 

— Regina A. - June 2013

“Thanks Ron (pilot) and Chris (crew)!  My first balloon flight was last evening but I am sure that it will NOT be my last. Floating northwest from our launch site near Waynesville in “Smiley’s” basket couldn’t have been a better experience. J I’m so glad a friend recommended Bella Balloons to me!”  

— Rhonda D - September 2013

"Flying with Bella Balloons was a a one-in-a-lifetime experience! Rob and Dave ensured the flight was smooth and our engagement was perfect! Plus, Natalie and the office staff were more than accommodating when weather complicated the original flight date. Thank you for the unforgettable experience!"

— Rob F and Juliana S  - July 2013

"We had a wonderful experience! Thank you so much, especially Natalie with working with our booking like she did. Your team are all so professional and the customer service was outstanding. I'm still in the clouds;)))" 

— Scarlett D. - June 2013

“Jim and I had a great time with you on Saturday night for our excursions to Springboro. I spoke with my friend Pam N on Monday and she and her boyfriend are going up with you this Sunday after my over-zealous description of our ride. You did a great job and so glad you are chasing your dream!”  

— Shirley P - October 2013

"We had such a great time! Thank you!" 

— Tabitha B. and Robert S. - May 2013

"After our flight with Bella Balloons, my husband said, "that was a great birthday present!" Sometimes it is not easy to find a good gift for Matt, but I succeeded this year. And it would have been a surprise too, if we had not had to cancel the first flight due to high winds.

We really enjoyed our flight.  Mike is a wonderful pilot and very conscientious so he can keep his passengers safe.  Mike is very friendly and has many interesting ballooning stories to tell while you glide over homes and fields and buildings.  It was so fun, it makes me want to get my own pilot license.

Thank you Bella Balloons for a wonderful experience and adventure."

— Tara H - August 2013

"I thoroughly enjoyed my flying experience! First time in a balloon and loved it! Exciting, beautiful and peaceful. I really appreciated our pilot and chaser who shared a lot of information. They made it fun with their friendliness and instilled confidence with their professionalism. I appreciated their openness to help with some of the pre and post-flight activities—it enhanced the experience and gave me more stories to tell my sons. (Speaking of my sons, I had just taken them on their first Little Miami River canoe trip 1 week prior. So they got a big kick seeing my picture of our balloon’s reflection in the Little Miami as we flew over.) Our pilot told us some early history of ballooning as well as his own background starting into the hobby and profession. I also appreciated the use of local vineyard champagne for the post-flight toast and being informed about the history of this tradition. Loved it all and would do it again in a heartbeat! Thanks, Bella!"

— Todd T - August 2013

"This was the most incredible thing that I ever did. To our pilot Ron and balloon chaser Dave they were great. We had a smooth landing and the flight was great. We are going to do a morning flight this falle. Thanks again" 

— Tom and Karen B. - May 2013