2014 Testimonials

"This was such an amazing experience for both me and my husband! We loved the whole experience from inflation, flight, deflation, the history, certificate, and the champagne toast at the end. Bella Balloons is awesome and I would highly recommend them!! Misty was so kind and professional. Ron, our pilot, was terrific, funny, informative and such a nice guy. Chris, was great as well! It's nice to have such a great adventure with such a great group of people. Again, we highly recommend Bella Balloons and their amazing staff!!" 

— Aimee - November 2014

"Just a quick note to say that Jim and I had a most memorable experience flying with Bella balloons. The staff was very courteous and knowledgable and all the equipment was checked to ensure it met safety standards. I hope we get the opportunity to do this again and encourage people to give it a try. Thanks again for the great memories.  Blessings"

— Carol - September 2014

"Our flight with Bella was fantastic. The scenery was beautiful, and it was an experience that we won't soon forget. Rob and Josh were an incredible flight crew, and we would highly recommend flying with Bella to our friends. In fact, we already have!"

— Charlie and Katy Jo in Dayton - September 2014

"Thank you Bella Balloons for making the proposal super special! I know that you get couples all the time, but somehow you still managed to make ours so unique and memorable. Our pilot Ron Terranova was fantastic! He kept us laughing a mile a minute, and was a wealth of knowledge about everything balloons! From the splash and go on the lake, to the champagne toast following the flight; our adventure was fun and picture perfect. I was especially thankful that they were so covert and respectful about the giant surprise they had to keep :) Thank you so much for helping me create that moment with my future wife! Cheers"

— Isaac - August 2014

"Tom and I enjoyed the opportunity to help launch and pack up the balloon, as well as ask Ron and Chris a myriad of questions. They were both VERY professional and informative in their answers.
The flight was a gift from our three sons and their families for our 45th anniversary so the flight was special indeed. Tom is a former skydiver and more adventurous than am I. But I had no qualms about the flight and was indeed pleased with how smoothly everything went. We enjoyed the evening ride at a variety of altitudes, interacted with folks on the ground as we flew over them, watched the assortment of small planes nearby, and engaged the passersby who arrived on bicycle and foot to see the "packup" session. The champagne toast, certificate of completion, and the interaction with the crew, including picture sessions, was excellent. The ease of scheduling our flight and the "it's a go" phone call were perfect. The ride was amazingly peaceful, with little notice to any movement. I told my daughter-in-law that her fear of heights would not be a problem as "all is calm" and beautiful from the balloons' altitudes.
We highly recommend Bella Balloons as a novel experience which was fun, informative and most comfy."  

— Jane - July 2014

"I began my search for a reputable hot air balloon company in July, 2014 and after spending countless hours scouring the internet, I decided on flying with Bella Balloons due to their fantastic online reviews. I made the reservation as a surprise in mind of proposing to my future wife on the flight. From the get go Bella used complete digression when contacting me so my fiancé did not suspect a thing!
Unfortunately due to poor weather our flight was cancelled a day earlier. The team at Bella however maintained great communication with me throughout, emailing late into the evening beforehand to make sure everything was perfect. On the day of the flight our pilot (Mike) had made all the arrangements to set me up for a perfect proposal, and far exceeded all my expectations whilst on the flight itself. He maintained a near impossible balance of interaction with us and allowing us the privacy to enjoy the special moment together. Mike and the team at Bella made it more than just flight, it was an impeccable experience that my fiancé and I will cherish for the rest of our lives.
At the end out of our flight we were welcomed with champaign and complementary champagne glasses to celebrate our experience. My fiancé and I plan to toast with our Bella glasses during our wedding reception, something we would never even have considered if this wasn't our best experience to date."

— Josh C - August 2014

"We flew with Bella Ballons last Friday for the sunset flight. It was the fulfillment of a 20+ year dream for me. I was not dissapointed. Ron and Chris were wonderful, The flight was exciting and we flew over Lebanon where we grew up. That was nice, of course you can't always be that lucky. Standing in the basket would have been a lot easier if I had been 20 years younger! Besides that, I would love to fly again with Bella Balloons! I am glad we made the flight. Dennis liked it too!"


— Kathryn P - September 2014

"A hot air balloon ride has always been on my bucket list and it was a long awaited wonderful experience.  Mike and Dave did an excellent job on the flight.  I could not get over how smooth the flight was and the views from above were amazing.  It was also very interesting how the men inflated the balloon and getting us launched.  Thank you for a great flight."

— Mike C - August 2014

"We had a fabulous time!  Thank you.  Have a great day."

— Shereen - May 2014

"I want to thank everyone who had a part in mine and my fiancée's experience this morning!  It was everything I had hoped for and more.  The staff was great!  It was both a very professional and personable experience.  Rob was awesome!   I don’t believe that asking my girlfriend to marry me in a basket with any other stranger on the planet could have felt as comfortable.  Your part in a once in a lifetime experience as such is much appreciated and it wouldn’t have been as great without you all. 

— Steve - September 2014

"Just wanted to drop you a note telling you what a great and wonderful experience Pam, myself and Marilyn had. 

My mother-in-law was very leery about doing the flight at 85 years old, but we talked her into it.

All she talked about later was how beautiful the flight and the sights were, and how very informative you were. 

We were all pleased with how you and Kerry conducted the flight. It truly is a first class operation.

It’s something we won’t forget. Thanks again for everything."

— Will B. - August 2014