2016 Testimonials

"Rob our awesome aeronaunt pilot & the entire staff and crew were outstanding! What a memorable experience and birthday present for my 16 yr old! Our beautiful balloon Americana was amazing and swept us up into the clouds and set us gently back on earth. We'll never forget how wonderful this was!!"

— Angie C - July 2016

"First off the entire team (Misty, Mike, Holly, Rob) were all helpful in making this work. Ballooning requires patience as it's all weather dependent. But they let you know as soon as the aviation weather team knows if you get the green light to float in the air. Being high up, safety is there utmost concern and they make sure there balloons are in tip top shape. Me and my fiancee like to try new adventurous things and this has been on my mind for a long time - was a beautiful setting for a proposal.

Between the crew (and always focused on safety first) and the ballooning experience i highly recommend anyone to take their loved ones or friends on this journey at about 3000 ft. Do get there on time to join in filling the balloon with air. Spectacular!!!

Thank you again Team Bella Balloons for an amazing experience!!" 

— Anish P - February 2016

"We had an amazing experience with Bella Balloons! We had to reschedule several times due to weather constraints but Misty was always helpful in working with our busy work lives. The entire staff was professional, accommodating, and delightful. The ride was incredibly memorable and we had a perfect landing with Al. Carey was also instrumental in making sure we were comfortable and safe while enjoying ourselves. If you are considering a hot air balloon ride THIS is the company to choose!!!!!"

— Brittany L - July 2016

"As a birthday present for my wife the weather and schedules had postponed our trip a few times. Despite starting with an evening flight we ended up rescheduling to a morning cincinnati hot air balloon ride. The event did not disappoint. The views were awe inspiring and hard to describe to anyone who has never flown in a balloon at 7:00 am with no clouds and a beautiful sunrise. The winds allowed us to take off near our hometown so the landmarks had even more meaning. The ride was very smooth and as an engineer I was constantly asking Rob our pilot to explain how the balloon operated. Even though this was a present for my wife's birthday I think i enjoyed the ride as much if not more. I would recommend not only taking the opportunity for a balloon ride, but using Bella Balloons. They made the event memorable and were very professional throughout the entire process. 5 Stars!"

— Chris D - September 2016

"Thank you Bella Balloons for the awesome sunset ride. It was a birthday surprise I will never forget. Rob our captain was very knowledgeable and made the ride enjoyable. Dave our chaser was also very kind. Well worth the experience."

— Danielle H - June 2016

"This was a last-minute decision my girlfriend and i made - hey! let's try something new! We woke early, grabbed a few coffees and took the sunrise balloon tour. The ride is so smooth, perspective is so much different than you'd get in an airplane. Our pilot, Rob, was awesome - he shared stories from his 10+ years of ballooning, talked to us about the different components/aspects of ballooning - really helped round out the experience. I will definitely go back."

— David O -  August 2016

"Wow, what an experience! Bella Balloon ride surpassed all our expectations. Al, our pilot, and Chris, the balloon chaser, made the trip extremely enjoyable. It was a smooth and peaceful ride. Their safety record is the best around. Bella Balloons did an outstanding job with the whole experience!"

— Debbie V -  August 2016

"Thanks Bella Balloons for a fantastic experience. This was a long-awaited birthday gift to my daughter, and was absolutely a perfect experience. Rob (pilot) and Dave (chaser and comedian) were just a joy to fly with. Professional, informative and humorous. Dave also took some great photos from the ground periodically in addition to the pictures prior to launch... so you get a full view of the experience. Highly recommend Bella." 

— Dirk Gibbens - June 2016

"A wonderful thing to do on a beautiful Day! Rob and Chris couldn't have been better and the champagne at the end was a nice touch. Also, enjoyed watching them get the hot air balloon together and put away. Fascinating! Loved it!"

— Dodie L - September 2016

"A Very Good Morning to you Misty. Thank you so very much for going to all of the trouble to get Mary and I booked onto yester-eve’s hot air balloon flight. it was an amazing experience, much appreciated ( and this from one who though is a licensed airplane pilot, is afraid of heights ! ) Your pilot and crew were both professional and delightful, your equipment and it’s apparent condition inspire confidence. All in all, most enjoyable. We will fly again, and we will definitely recommend Bella Balloons ! 
Looking Up!"

— Frank & Mary - May 2016

"My husband and I booked this ride as a birthday present for me. We had a truly amazing time! Rob and Carey were excellent hosts and kept us informed and entertained the entire time. I would recommend this to everyone!"

— Jamie B - July 2016

"Our flight was my husband's 50th birthday present. What a way to spend a birthday! Our flight was delayed from the previous week, so we were privileged to be part of a larger regatta. It was thrilling. We had to wait a long time for the wind to die down, then finally the red flag went down, the green one went up and the horn sounded. 15 minutes later, our basket was sliding on the grass, then no longer touching it. We gently ascended over the heads of all the festival goers. The entire crew was friendly and very professional. It is a balancing act, trying to maintain good relations with your passengers, while also instructing them and getting the work of setting up and flying done. They handled this difficult arrangement with tact and grace and courtesy. I admired the fine job they did from beginning to end."

— Jeanette W - July 2016

"It was so much more than a ride. The kids were part of the adventure from the beginning. They were included in setting up the balloon which really got them into the event. Mike was a great pilot, full of ballooning history and great with children. He explained how he navigated the balloon and we ascended and descended several times to demonstrate how the wind currents guided our flight."

— John C - July 2016

"This was our first time flying in a hot air balloon. Took my husband on a surprise hot air balloon ride gift certificate with Bella Balloons. We had a great time. The crew was wonderful and the planning from start to finish was great. Special thanks to Misty, our flight guide and crew, Rob and Chris for making this a great experience. The champagne toast at the end was a great finish to a great flight. I would recommend Bella Balloons to anyone looking for a great flight experience.  Cruisers" 

— July 2016

"Thank you for a wonderful time. Todd and I both really enjoyed the flight. The crew were friendly, easy to be around and they had good stories to tell. I will recommend your company to anyone else that might like to take a hot air balloon ride

— Leslie L - September 2016

"Sara and I had such an awesome time last evening! I wanted to let you know that you were excellent to work with, from when I first ordered the ride through all of the reschedules as well. Your communication and patience was much appreciated. I also wanted to pass along that both our pilot Mike and crew Kerry were outstanding. They made the whole experience so enjoyable. We really had a perfect evening to take our trip and I know we will plan to go again sometime and definitely with Bella!  Keep up the good work, we will recommend Bella to anyone we know who is interested. Thanks for everything."  

— Mike M - April 2016

"Words cannot describe how incredible this experience was!! We loved every moment!!! We helped inflate (not "blow" up as my husband called it, lol) and deflate the balloon. We came close to the ground, we got leaves from the trees, we talked to the neighbors below and enjoyed God's beautiful evening! To make it even better, Al Nels, our pilot, (who is literally a world champion ballooner!) gave my husband the confidence he needed to join my daughter and me on this adventure!! He and Cary were awesome!!!! Thank you for a ride we will NEVER forget!! I would give 100 stars if I could:)" 

— Wood Family Flight - June 2016